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TK212 Mid-shedding Jacquard
  We are one of first enterprises to produce series jacquards of TK212 type initially. The first set of Mid-shedding 2464-needle jacquard in China came from Yangshan with reasonable design, effect and correct motion, easy installment, convenient maintenance, which is mow widely used with rapier loom, air jet loom and other looms together. applicable for weaving large-scale jacquard fabrics suchas synthetic fiber,cotton,wool and linen.This machine has specitications such as 1480-needle,1952-needle 2464-needle and 2464*2-needle.
 Main technical parameter
Center shedding single lift
Number of needles:
1480 needles, 1952 needles and 2464 needles (total effective needles).
Operating side:
left or right hand loom.
Shedding frequency:
130-160 times/min.
Shedding size:
maximum effective shedding stands at 120mm. Ratio of top shed to bottom shed: 7:3 or 6:4.
Single barrel 70?0mm, square steel pipe aperture: 4mm, pitch of hole: ?.4mm.
Net weight 310kg (including transmission components)
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